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New Strategic Plan – tpl: vital to toronto

Our Strategic Plan (2020-2024) reflects the input of thousands of Torontonians from every neighbourhood, and community partners and collaborators across many sectors. We have developed five strategic priorities and three supporting enablers that will shape and guide our work over the next five years. They allow us to plan for the long-term, and be responsive in the moment to change. You will also see in our new Plan that we have put Torontonians at the centre of it, with the ambition of building more resilience, success and well-being for our city and its residents.

tpl: vital to toronto

building success, resilience and well-being for our city

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Our plan at a glance

Here is a high-level view of the plan, which will guide our work over the next five years.

Our plan at a glance infographic. Described in full in the following paragraphs.

Our Strategic Priorities are where we will focus and invest over the next five years. There are five priorities: public space, digital inclusion and literacy, workforce development, a democratic society and public service excellence.

Our Focus on Equity applies to all of our Strategic Priorities. This focus is our commitment to understanding and breaking down barriers to access and increasing inclusion.

Our Enablers are foundational and organizational supports that allow us to deliver on our outcomes. They apply to all of the work we do. There are three enablers: partnerships, modernization, and evaluation and accountability.

Our short- and medium-term outcomes focus on what success looks like for individual Torontonians when they use the library. Our long-term outcomes have city impacts and tie to larger city initiatives. These outcomes are the transformational change that helps make our city successful, resilient and well.

How we got here

Building the Strategic Plan was a collective effort over a year-long process. We’ve engaged over 4,000 library staff, Torontonians, community partners and stakeholders about what we can do to support them and their communities now and into the future.

Find out more about the key steps and decisions in our process in the reports below.

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